Digital VS Offset Printing

Digital Printing vs. Offset Printing Properly Elucidated

What is the veritable and de facto difference; should we really count it?

Let’s get the ball rolling and talk about the real difference between digital and offset printing. For a layman, printing is simply just printing but there is more to this thing. Let’s go down to the lane of two printing methods, their glaring differences, and what is the point where we can easily make a decision of choosing between these two.

Digital Printing: An overview

An Overview About Digital Printing

First things first, digital printing does not use plates as there are plates in offset printing but it uses a range of other options like a toner (like in laser printers) or some bigger printers that use liquid ink. Digital printing makes a splendid pitch and shines when lower quantities are needed. For instance, think of just 20 greetings cards or 100 flyers where you don’t have a bulk or colossal order. These are the situations where digital printing saves the day for you. We have a plethora of other benefits as well like its variable data capability. When each piece needs a unique code, address, name, or other relevant information, digital printing is plausible or maybe the best solution. On the contrary, offset printing cannot fulfill this need.

In point of fact, offset printing is a spectacular way to produce top-notch print projects but many businesses or individuals do not need large runs of 500 or more. In that case, the best option to go with is digital printing.

Offset Printing: An overview

an overview about offset printing

Offset printing technology uses plates that are made from aluminum. Isn’t it exciting? That is used to transfer an image onto a rubber blanket, and then rolling the image onto a sheet of paper. Why do we call it to offset? Ever wondered about it? It’s called offset because the ink we use is not transferred directly onto the paper. These offset presses run so smoothly and efficiently once they are set up. Moreover, offset printing is the best and optimum choice when we need larger quantities. It makes the mark as it provides accurate color reproduction, a fine crisp, and clean professional printing.

What are the advantages of Digital Printing?

There are multiple benefits of digital printing which should be outlined.

  • It prints only the amount you need and whenever you need it
  • It facilitates with lower minimum quantities like 25, 50, 70
  • Black and white digital printing is inexpensive
  • Updated and Improved quality has polished the standards of digital printing
  • Facilitates with variable data capability like addresses, names, codes, numbering, etc

Advantages of Offset and Digital Printing

What are the advantages of Offset Printing?

  • The more you get to print, the cheaper the price per piece gets. Works best when you want to print some items like custom boxes in bulk quantity.
  • Cost-effective and smooth it comes to larger quantities
  • Considering the color fidelity and splendid details, printing quality is magnificent
  • Provides an opportunity to use a range of paper types with custom finishes
  • Versatile and customer inks such as metallic and Pantone colors are also available

Is Digital Printing is a plausible choice for my next print project?

When we look at both sides, offset and digital are useful printing methods but in their respective fields. Both of these come with a plethora of benefits but it all depends on your project’s requirements. For instance, when you are in dire need of larger runs of a project, into the hundreds or thousands; when you’re using a peculiar Pantone color, offset printing comes and saves the equation for you. Over and above that, you can also use a wide range of custom papers, special inks such as metallic or fluorescent in the offset process.

On the other hand, if you need a small run of 100 or its an individual’s requirement, or just some information then digital printing is the best solution to go with. If you are running a business, your needs will be addressed properly, your choices will be adequately compensated, and you will get high-quality printed products.