What are Custom Laminations

What are Custom Laminations?

Some Details About Custom Laminations | Lamination Option for Custom Boxes


Laminations are effectively defined as the sealed layers of plastic film, or an aqueous coating, that is used to be applied to custom boxes. Here are some pros of an extra layer:

  1. Guarantees the protection of your presentation packages
  2. Resistant to the wear of everyday use
  3. Adds a polished, professional look to your custom box.

There are some types of laminations and each type comes with its distinctive feature and look.

Matte lamination

As the name shows, Matte lamination offers a classic texture without typical glare. It comes with the protection of a plastic layer but lacks the telltale sheen.  The benefits of using matte lamination are as follows:

  • Best choice for reducing glare without reducing quality
  • For graphics and logos that absolutely must be seen in their entirety from every angle, yet need the smudge-free protection of a custom lamination.
  • Last but definitely not least, it is great for photographing or displaying in the bright lights of department stores.

Glose and Matt Lamination Option for Custom Boxes

Gloss lamination

Gloss lamination works best for giving your package a lustrous, shiny, and glossy-polish look. Gloss lamination offers the following benefits:

  • Recognized as the standard lamination for most turned-edge packaging, and hardcover books and binders
  • It gives your product a glare from most angles
  • It also offers the visuals that some users call “wet look” in this way it really makes colors pop.
  • It adds high value to the package by providing a brand new look.

Soft-touch (Velvet) lamination

Soft-touch lamination is undoubtedly the ultimate superlative choice for the high-end presentation packaging. With a gleaming texture that emits value with every unboxing, this finish offers the protection of all custom laminations. It is as soft as velvet and offers all the best traits of matte and glossy finish without glare. Soft-touch never disappoints when it comes to furnishing the tactile incentive. It is also known as the velvet lamination because of its texture.

Velvet and Aqueous lamination Types for Custom Boxes

Aqueous coating

It is an eco-friendly coating that offers much of the same benefits of gloss lamination. The difference resides in the fact that instead of a plastic film, a water-based coating is supposed to be applied onto the packaging once the print has dried. It gives a similar luster and feels to gloss, but while working with soy-based inks and rigid chipboard, creates a 100% hassle-free and recyclable box.

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